Have a listen to my latest professional Voice Reels which showcase my vocal range and style from empathic to more upbeat and from Lancashire to RP. Of course, if you like my vocal tone but are looking for something a little different, I’d be very happy to produce a demo recording for you in my professional broadcast quality recording studio.

I am a professionally trained Voice Actor with a background in live performance & theatre. Having worked in senior roles within both the private & public sectors, I also have a very good understanding of the corporate world, which enables me to deliver confident and knowledgeable work.

As a Voice Actor, it is my role to lift your message off the page and engage with your audience. However, it is also about delivering quality audio files in the format you require and within the agreed timescales. Check out the testimonials page to read what my clients are saying about me.

UK Voice Actor

British Female Voice Actor located in the North West of England.

Anne-Marie is a professionally trained Voice Actor with the ability to connect with her audience in an empathic, confident, warm and reassuring style.

Available for directed recording sessions or happy to self direct in her own professional recording studio. High quality audio files can be delivered in any format and with quick turnaround.

My clients
My reels

My latest reels are available for you to listen to below. I offer a range of voicing styles from a classic British RP to colloquial Lancashire and can be upbeat through to empathic. If you like my vocal tone and would like me to produce a demo for you, please do get in touch. You are welcome to download any of these reels for casting purposes.

  1. Commercial Reel Anne-Marie Flood 1:06
  1. Telephone IVR Reel - Northern Accent (English) Anne-Marie Flood 1:15
  1. Corporate Reel Anne-Marie Flood 1:11
  1. Telephone IVR Reel - RP Accent (English) Anne-Marie Flood 1:09

Press the play button to listen right now, or download my reels to listen later or to share.

My Studio

Due to demand and quick turnaround times I have invested in a professional recording studio at home including a professional sound isolation vocal booth, which means I can record across geographical time zones and deliver broadcast quality recordings with quick turnaround. I also have a Cleanfeed link which enables me to invite producers & or clients to a live recording session and to direct if they wish.

Reasons to work with me

Apart from being a thoroughly nice person to work with, here are some more reasons to work with me…

  • Professional Training

    I am an Associate of the London College of Music & Drama (ALCM) and have studied with some of the best Voice Over Actors in the industry on a 1 to 1 basis to develop my craft, so you can be assured of a quality performance every time.

  • Creativity

    I enjoy working creatively with my clients ensuring that I not only meet the required brief tailored to your target audience but I’m also happy to provide some vocal styles or ideas you may not have thought of

  • Attention to Detail

    I have an eye for detail and can spot a grammar error in seconds, so you can rely on me to ensure grammar and pronunciations are correct (regional variations or colloquialisms accommodated of course)

  • Professional Studio

    I have invested in a professional recording studio at home to ensure that I can deliver broadcast quality recordings in any format with quick turnaround

Recent Blog Posts

Here are my latest collection of blog posts about my training, background and services I provide.

Anne-Marie Flood

Voice Actor
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  • Commercials

    TV & Radio Commercials are powerful ways to engage with audiences and I am able to deliver a range of voicing styles from upbeat to empathic according to the product or service.

  • Corporate

    Corporate scripts require a more natural voicing style delivered with confidence, so it helps that I have a wealth of experience at senior management level in both the private & public sectors.

  • Explainer

    Voice Over is a great way to clarify or ‘explain’ key points in videos and animations and I would always tailor my voicing style according to the subject matter and specific audience.

  • E-Learning

    Online learning has increased significantly during the pandemic and my approach is to enhance the experience for the end user by being authentic, relatable and engaging.

  • IVR/On Hold

    Interactive Voice Response is used by many large institutions to speed up handling of everyday queries and I like to voice this in a warm, welcoming and genuine way as though speaking to the customer directly. On Hold messages are important too in creating a professional and welcoming first impression to your customers and it’s also a great opportunity to educate customers on other products & services.

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